Saturday, 5 August 2017

Maggie Vanderweit "Being Here Now"

Here is a video made in January of me talking about my solo show "Being Here Now" which was exhibited in the Elora Centre for the Arts.  
I am now allowed to share it after it has aired occasionally on local TV in Southern Ontario for 6 months. It's about half an hour long. Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, 30 July 2016


Now spell check wanted me to call this class "Reptile Collage" but I refused! So this happened- we stitched by machine and by hand, we drew, carved and cut, we painted, stamped, stencilled, mono-printed, glued and made beautiful art! Many new techniques and materials were bravely tackled with wonderful results. It was so exciting to see the work evolve and discuss the process of making creative decisions. Thanks to Haliburton for making it happen and to the terrific students who challenged and delighted me! I had a fantastic week. It is so nice to teach a small group!
And the best note ever was left on the board by a student on the last day! :)